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About Us 

CashbackOS is the Best Cashback site in India in terms of Growth Rate / Highest Paying / Fastest Paying / Customer-Centric.

 Our Mission

To provide consumer a platform to help them save money by shopping online and keep them updated about best online deals.

How Does The Service Work?

We’ve partnered with several e-commerce sites to promote their products.

These companies pay us a commission whenever we refer customers to them. We pay our members 80% of that commission, in return for using the CashbackOS website to shop at their favorite retailers.

For example, if you were bought clothes at Amazon CashbackOS would pay you a five percent commission. Those commissions are accrued and paid to members via Bank & Paytm Transfer. 

NOTE:- You Will Not Get Cashback For Some Retailers

Become A Member of CashbackOS

There are no fees to become a CashbackOS member. Once your account is established, click on your favorite merchant links and start shopping. It’s that easy!

Suggestions or questions?

We welcome your feedback. Visit the Contact Us page to immediately send an email. Or check out our Help page for a list of frequently asked questions.